Monday, June 19, 2017

I am Sooooo freaking tired of being sick.

It goes in cycles. I have severe food allergy problems, allergic to dyes (in most foods and meds both over the counter and prescription), pollen, (causing Anaphylaxis, chronic Uvulitis, plus the usual sinus and eye irritation), insomnia, mania, minor OCD's, have a shoulder that needs surgery, back aches, foot issues, shin splints, and am getting all the....I call them the "Itis" family members, meaning arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, bronchitis. And about 3 weeks ago tore a hamstring, or maybe destroyed my hip joint, while doing standing leg curls.

Back to the cycles. I go through these, lets call them "episodes" where some food or pollen triggers issues, so then I have to take extra Prednisone, which causes GERD, so I drink water with baking soda (can't take Antacids as they all have red dye in them) which is gross, GERD can set off asthma, so then I have to use inhalers, which along with the Prednisone speed up my heart, which sets of mania and anxiety attacks. The gluten intolerance is a constant thing that creates...I'll just say uncomfortable digestive issues and not expand much beyond that but will summarize with freaking bleeding hemorrhoids, and about 20 trips to the rest room each day. This goes on for a few days, until I slowly recover from it all, start being productive again, start working out again, get hopeful, get optimistic, get a little bit happy and....Boom!!....something affects me and the whole several day process starts over again. Its exhausting, mentally and physically taxing, wearing me out, making me old before my time, and there is little the doctors or pharmaceutical companies or shrinks can do about it. 

Some diseases get all the funding, the celebrity endorsements (Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon's, Magic Johnson when he came out about having HIV, ribbons and walks for breast cancer etc.) which is all good, but other diseases are largely ignored so no one is working on cures, no one is studying them, no media presence, so little change of people finding cures. And because they are rare, most people don't understand the debilitating aspects, the costs, and half the doctors themselves just try to attribute it to anxiety or mental health, without ever doing an exam, without ever reading my charts where MRI's, blood tests, numerous other tests have all confirmed everything. Anyway....:)