Friday, November 17, 2017

Depression and Anxiety: Some Statistics and Links.

I have anxiety and mania. While that's really hard sometimes, my heart goes out to those that have serious depression...and often other issues as well. It has to be brutal. Don't beat yourself up for being how you are from birth...keep trying and press on.  :)

Andy Richter challenges the myth that depression is a choice. (Strong language.)

A series of tweets from Andy Richter after asia @_asiastabler said depression is a choice.
depression is a choice
Oh really? Well “go fuck yourself” is a directive.
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Quote-responding to this tweet may seem like shooting fish in a barrel, & yet it is 30 mins later & I have pulled over after school drop-off to respond further because I am angry.
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I have been followed by an ever-present amorphous sadness for almost my entire life. I am 51 yrs old. It varies in strength from a casual unresolvable suspicion that I will never find the joy that others do in a sunset, to the feeling that being dead might a respite & a kindness
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I’ve been on meds for decades. I’m a devout believer in the talking cure of therapy & it’s structure & hope & absolutely life-saving sense of progress. I have a successful career. I’m in love w my wife of 27 yrs, & my 2 kids are the best ppl I know. My life is full. I am lucky
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And I will still reach the end of my life having walked through most of it with an emotional limp. I do not wallow in self-pity. No one did this to me. It is just how it is. I am just unlucky.
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“Depression is a choice” = “your pain is your fault” “You can overcome this if you just try hard enough” = “Your pain is making me uncomfortable. Please shut up.”
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If you are unburdened by depression, real true depression, count yourself lucky. Keep your quick fixes to yourself. This is the kind of bullshit that kills people. Learn, then speak. Or just be lucky and quiet.